Expanding Our 3PL Services into Atlanta Logistics

    The Becker Logistics Duluth office was, along with Chicago, part of the acquisition of Savage Logistics. The Duluth office was the first office opened outside of Illinois and was a big step forward for Becker Logistics. One of the main benefits of the location is its proximity to Atlanta which provided opportunities for new employees and new partnerships. Atlanta is a major hub of logistics and we made sure to make our presence known and continue to work closely with many companies located in Atlanta that ship freight. If you need to reach out to our Duluth office you can use the contact details shown below.

    Contact the Duluth Office

    Phone: 630.529.0700 ext. 5555


    Mail: 3885 Crestwood Pkwy, Suite 170
    Duluth, GA 30096

    Communication Is Key with Our Duluth Office

    Communication is essential in all logistics and it was an area that needed to be improved upon when we first opened our Duluth office. Our Duluth office was the first office that we had out of state so it was important that communication with the office was unhindered with no hiccups. Even today, communication is a process that we examine and improve upon, whether through technology, customer service or culture; we make sure that there are no roadblocks when it comes to communication.

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