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"Never above you. Never below you. Always beside you." -Walter Winchell



taking tech farther

Becker Logistics’ software allows us to be management experts within the logistics industry. Our software consolidates the steps of shipping freight into a more manageable approach, all while saving money for your company.

We provide a complete service that benefits you and your company by saving money on your shipping expenses. Customers can choose their level of involvement with the freight shipping process, sharing any particular parameters with an order or minimizing their involvement so that they will be free to focus on what matters most.

Becker Logistics’ web-based features provide you with the option to view the progress of their shipments:

• Track and trace your loads.
• Enter recurring orders.
• Get a freight quote online.
• See an aged receivables report and retrieve signed proof of delivery.

Our advanced tools to monitor the details of your order when handling your freight provide us with the ability to strategically pin-point the best equipment that will most efficiently move your shipment while still keeping your cost in mind. If you are looking for a trustworthy and capable 3PL provider, look no further than Becker Logistics. Let us show you why we are the best choice in the industry.


Claims Management

Seamless Management

Becker Logistics supplies customers with the means to manage their documents and claims online. With our tools you can arrange for key alerts to your supply chain that can help better manage your claims. Custom reports can be made to provide additional analysis while cutting down on paperwork by storing your documents electronically.
Simple claims management
Becker Logistics green initiative

Continuous Moves

Full Capacity

To reduce the carbon emissions of your freight route, Becker Logistics' advanced tools extend to finding trucks, from a freight network, that effectively uses the truck’s capacity. If there are routine round trips, we can identify them in our database -- increasing capacity, product availability, appointment scheduling, as well as customizing the unique customer shipping requirements to best accommodate our clients.

Inbound Transport and Supplier Management

A One-Click Supply Chain

Our technology can simplify your supply chain needs! Becker Logistics’ web based technology gives visibility and control to our clients. You can complete your work through our online order entry and load optimization tools, track and trace online, and even make freight payments through our website.
Becker Logistics makes your shipping simple
Quick and easy payment methods

Rate Assessments and Freight Payments

Everything Made Easier

For years our auto-pay has been a success, reducing carrier and customer costs while keeping both parties satisfied. Through our process, we can increase the accuracy of your invoices and eliminate extra paperwork. Our 3PL system includes rate assignments when tendering a load and making your freight payment. This way, customers and carriers can benefit from being able to review their freight charges in a timely matter.

Becker Logistics even maintains a process that lets our carriers accept any known charges before the load is tendered, eliminating discrepancies before the load is ever moved. We also keep accurate data and timely billing by confirming the delivery before payment is received. Our online management also allows clients to confirm and analyze the submitted accessorial well before the completion of billing.

Reverse Logistics

Everything You Need to Know

Our continued technology improvements enable us to execute reports on damaged products along with other. We can pre authorize your freight with even your most complicated reports which can all be provided to you electronically for analytical review.
Custom reports delivered to you
Never lose sight of your shipping

Shipment Monitors and Proactive Track & Trace

Your Shipment in Real-Time

At Becker Logistics, we allow our customers to arrange any specific logistical events or associated monitoring systems ahead of time including:

• Pickup
• Delivery
• Monitoring from the shipping locations
• Check in calls with the driver to ensure accurate arrival to the consignee

If a specific request is not fulfilled, our system will make note then provide reports and information to the parties involved. This process will reduce costs, improve service, and increase communication of the supply chain. Additionally, alerts and monitors can be programmed either to provide adjustments or to provide a warning for the customers and carriers associated with the load if a problem were to arise.

Visibility, Exception Management, and Information Routing

See Your Shipment Every Step of the Way

Our technology was designed for our client’s specific capabilities to receive order updates throughout the life of the shipment. Monitors are established to facilitate specific details and routing information for carriers and supply chain partners. All of the information is made available for alerts online. Any information can also be sent electronically if the customer chooses to do so. A typical occurrence where a customer may use the electronic features could be for sending requirements on late pick-up times. Our customers can choose which information is made visible to anyone in their supply chain including sales, customer service, manufacturing, or warehouse.

With our Electronic Data Interpol (EDI) capabilities, carriers can notify appropriate parties with information or updates online. When the carrier fails to update online, our system will notify the driver and arrange an update accordingly. The search capabilities are made simple with many options for searching the system. You can search by pro number, shipment number, or customer identification number.
Have a lifeline to your freight
Manage your entire yard with Becker Logistics

Yard Management

Yard Management System (YMS) is part of our 3PL technology that gives clients the opportunity to coordinate trailer appointments and view the product availability. YMS provides a more organized system for our customers to provide visibility of trailers and inventory. This increases control and productivity while reducing detention charges and improving efficiency. You can even see available trailers versus the loading and departed shipments.