Importance of On-time shipping for a logistics company.

Ensuring on-time shipping is one of the most important things for a 3PL company to get right. The supply chain is getting more and more complex so it has become vital to provide on-time shipping with every order. Countless factors go into ensuring on-time delivery and when working in transportation you have to track all of them. If some kind of error arises the flow is disrupted and it throws everything completely off balance.  This results in delays and disruptions if you don’t know what you are doing. Because of this, it is key to partner with a logistics company that has experience and a proven system in place to resolve any issue that arises. When deciding on a partner in logistics make sure you choose someone that isn’t always running late.

Truck making on on time shipment for a logistics company

How Becker Logistics ensures on-time shipping

At Becker Logistics we ensure on-time shipping in a variety of ways.  The number one way is by working with only the best carriers and maintaining open communication with them while they are out on the road.  Furthermore, we offer a wide array of services to ensure that your freight is delivered on time, such as expedited shipping.  Additionally, Becker Logistics offers support around the clock so that there is never a time that we are not keeping an eye on our shipments.  We do all of this because we know the importance of our customers’ freight.  These shipments can make or break a company’s entire year and when they put that trust in us we take it as a responsibility, as should every logistics company.

How Logistic companies can leverage technology for a better on-time rate

Technology plays a huge role to ensure on-time shipping and to improve the supply chain as a whole. Every day the supply chain process is improving because of technology; the systems are being automated and perfected. Additionally, logistics technology has enabled companies to know if a delivery is going to be late or early.  This means that even if a shipment is not on time it can still be planned effectively.  Technology, whether it be RFID, AIDC, GPS or simply cell phones, allows for an increase in communication which means that there are fewer surprises in the process.

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