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We are a third party logistics (3PL) that handles the shipping of your goods everyday throughout North America.

Becker Logistics is pleased to ship a wide range of commodities for many of our customers. We work with several food grade distributors to ship items such as dairy product, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, packaged foods, beverages, meat and poultry. We ship many other items, including (but not limited to) machinery and plastic materials, paper and magazines. We provide a variety of services for your transportation needs. Whether it’s full or partial, intermodal or dray, we offer cost effective solutions without compromising on quality. We handle shipments that require temperature controlled settings with the utmost care. Shippers needing hazardous materials or overweight containers delivered can rest assured that their shipment will arrive on time and safe from damage.


Get Unexpected Savings Fast
Becker Logistics can save you money on the first load shipped with us. Our customers have agreed that working with Becker Logistics is a less expensive option than what they currently are using, because:

• We work with our customers to meet their specific supply chain needs while keeping cost in mind.

• We do not charge our valued customers unexpected fees that would be tied to managing their supply chain.

Our advanced software has the capability to find carriers with affordable rates. This advancement can cause immediate savings for our customers right after the first load is shipped!


Now Serving Three Countries

Becker Logistics has expanded its top-notch service in North America, into Canada, Mexico and all across the United States. In doing so, our carrier base has rapidly expanded, gaining even more resources that will help with your North American shipments.  We have the distinct advantage of communicating with carriers of the United States which gives you an advantage in moving freight. Now you will have the opportunity to do a greater amount in more locations than ever before.


The Next Level in Shipping

We go above what other transportation brokers do. Becker Logistics invests in the very best technology available on several platforms that brings them together with API’s. This allows us to be cutting edge in the market today.

We're able to accomplish what other 3PL's can not, such as:

• Supporting multiple tendering techniques including cost, rank, or the percent awarded to the lane.

• Handling any complex shipment that you would need, including shipments delivering to multiple zip codes and other scenarios.

• Even handling bid events and procurement strategies.

We also utilize intelligence tools within our business to ensure accurate results and cost effective opportunities. Becker Logistics has web portals and EDI available to accommodate our customers while we give all of our carriers a standard time to respond to an online offer. If the carrier turns down the load or has not committed in a timely matter, the load is removed, documented, and we automatically tender the load to the next carrier on the routing guide.

That’s why your goods are always en route and deliver with the highest on time percentages.