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Expedited Freight Services

Expedited shipping is used when your freight needs to be prioritized and delivered immediately. These specialty services are typically reserved for when you absolutely need to get something from point A to point B as soon as possible. Brokers are at an advantage with expedited shipping due to the fact that they have access to trucks located where your freight is right now.

Benefits of Using Expedited Shipping

Get There ASAP

This one kind of goes with the name but expedited shipping gets there faster. Expedited shipping does not take any extra stops or breaks. As a result, freight is delivered to the destination as fast as you need it to.

No Fail Loads

With expedited shipping, you are not only paying for fast shipping, but you are also paying for guaranteed shipping. Expedited is used when something is absolutely needed so, expedited shipping comes with guaranteed delivery.


When using expedited shipping, you can count on your broker to know EXACTLY where your shipment is at all times. This is done through tracking and tracing and provides real-time location information.

Factors Affecting your Expedited Shipping Costs

When using an expedited service you want to know what is going to impact the price. This is important to get the best deal you can. The number one way to reduce the cost is to partner with a company that specializes in logistics. Below are some of the price affecting factors, starting with the most important, timeframe.

  • How quickly needs to be there – There are various levels of speed with expedited shipping.  Sometimes it means getting your freight there in the next day and sometimes it means the next hour. The time frame that the shipment is needed affects the price of the shipment.
  • Miles traveled – Miles or distance traveled impacts all shipping but plays a large impact in expedited.  Due to the fact that it is the main determining factor in literally how quickly your freight can be delivered.

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Information Needed for an Expedited Quote

The urgency that the shipment is needed is what makes expedited shipping a specialty service. The time that the freight needs to be delivered is the biggest piece of information needed to generate an accurate expedited freight quote so, make sure you have that locked down before moving forward. Additionally, there are the usual factors that impact all shipping such as distance, weight, and cargo classification.

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Specialty Expedited Services

Expedited shipping is itself a specialty service but within it, there are further niches that can be applied depending on what you are shipping and how much of something you are shipping.

  • Sprinter Van – A sprinter van is a small van that can typically hold 1 to 3 skids, depending on weight, the max is usually around 2,500 pounds.
  • Straight truck – A straight truck is a 28’ truck that can hold up to 12 skids or 12,500 pounds.
  • Team Expedited – Team expedited is when you have a team of two drivers in one truck which, allows you to have around the clock nonstop driving. This is used when you really need to get your freight delivered ASAP.

Tips for Expedited Shipping

As a shipper, you want to cut down on your lead time as much as possible when shipping expedited so that you are not paying too much of a premium, there is a big difference in needing something delivered in one day versus two days. Start planning immediately or have a contracted logistics company that can handle any emergency you have.

Expedited Services FAQs

  • Should I use expedited just to ensure guaranteed delivery?
    While expedited offers a no-fail guarantee it is not worth using the service just to ensure delivery. To ensure delivery it is important to work with a company that has quality experience and a carrier network to back them up.
  • How can I find a trusted expedited delivery service?
    To find the right logistics company to help you with your expedited needs you want to find a broker with experience and a large carrier network that will be able to make a pickup immediately.

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