Using transparent pricing to become a trusted 3PL

In order to be a trusted 3PL company, you have to be transparent with the logistic costs and pricing. Trust is everything when it comes to 3PL companies and if you cannot be trusted then you will not be moving freight.  Overall, as a shipper, you want to make sure that you at least have an idea of the market so that you know if the information you are being told lines up with the market.  Additionally, partnering with a 3PL you trust makes it a lot easier.  At Becker Logistics we work hard to prove ourselves as a trusted 3PL because we want our customers to succeed.

Truck driving through desert for a trusted 3PL provider

How Becker Logistics is transparent with logistic costs

Becker Logistics works to be transparent in all logistic costs, we have built our organization on a base of integrity.  Additionally, we work hard to be known as a trusted 3PL company by our customers by following through with our quotes even if it means that we take a hit.  Whether it be the occasional spot rate or a contract rate, we make sure that expectations are met and that you are informed on our process.  Additionally, we work across all industries so we know what to expect from our customers and what kind of service they are looking for, click here to see more about the industries we work in.

Reliability, communication and trust in 3PL

In order to plan for the future predictably you have to be working with reliable people and businesses.  That’s why it is important when supplying a service to be reliable. Our actions are impacting hundreds, if not thousands, of other company’s future.  We view ourselves as a part of your team, your success is our success. Another important element is to keep the flow of information open, we make sure that you have access to any of the information that you need, good or bad. If something changes or if there is any kind of update we make sure to pass it on as soon as possible so you can adjust and are not left in the dark.

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