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We Are Logistics

Becker Logistics has been in the transportation industry for over 21 years and in that time we have developed the relationships, tools, and processes to ensure that our customer’s freight is handled with care. We believe that our success stems from the way we treat each other, whether it be a fellow employee, a carrier, or a customer; you will be happy with Becker Logistics.

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We Hire Logistics:
Join one of the fastest growing 3PL's.

Becker Logistics is growing and expanding, opening new offices and scaling up our current ones. We are looking for people that are motivated and encapsulate our core values; Integrity, Quality, Innovation, Safety, Competitiveness, Openness, Respect and Equal work/life balance. We plan to bring on 90 new people this year, you should be one of them.

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We Provide Logistics:
Get more done faster, easier, smarter.

Becker Logistics is advancing the world of logistics, we are always considering where the industry is moving and position ourselves in front so that we can offer the best services for our customers. We work with our customers to make sure that their freight is delivered on time while providing updates along the way so that they are never in the dark

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We Support Logistics:
Partner with our reliable services.

Becker Logistics works with a network of over 30,000 carriers and we manage these relationships by keeping them mutually beneficial so that everyone goes home happy. We make sure that our drivers are knowledgeable on what to expect so that no surprises are thrown their way when they make a delivery.