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Importance of Using a Quality 3PL

The 3PL industry is entirely based on service, so it is vital to provide a quality 3PL experience each and every time. This requires doing multiple things right. It means providing multiple points of contact, integrity, and being there for the shipper.

Providing multiple points of contact is key to delivering a quality logistics service. There needs to be multiple open channels of communication so that shippers and carriers can get in touch however they need to. It is on the 3PL to make the process as easy as possible and ensure that every need is heard.

Second, quality takes integrity. Integrity makes sure that every promise and request is followed up on. A quality 3PL service requires a team that cares about their responsibilities and shows it. As a shipper, you should be looking for a logistics service that you can trust.  A company that can excel past your needs for customer service and quality.

Lastly, it is essential that the 3PL is always there for the shipper. When you have a carrier drop off or need a part shipped ASAP it’s good to have a quality 3PL in your corner. A company that has flexibility and open communication around the clock.

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Impacts of Quality in 3PL Shipping


3PL partnerships are built on trust. The best way to get trust is to continuously provide a quality 3PL service so that the shipper knows everything’s taken care of.

Simplified Shipping

Quality shipping means easy shipping for the shipper. A quality service means that they do not need to put in any extra work since the 3PL has everything under control.


With a quality service being provided a strong partnerships can be formed which results in better savings for the shipper and consistent business for the 3PL.

How Becker Logistics Ensures a Quality 3PL Service

At Becker Logistics we ensure that if you have a question, comments, or concern that someone will be there to help.  Our account managers play a huge role in delivering a quality logistics service to our customers. They are the point of contact, the face, the one stop location that a customer can go to with any need.

It is vital for our customers to have a direct link with our associates because they have the right to know where their shipment is. Additionally, we are built on the concept of integrity. We make sure that any need is met so that each shipper is better off by partnering with us.