Carrier FAQs

How do I set up to ship for Becker Logistics?

To become a carrier for Becker Logistics follow the instructions at our carrier onboard portal by clicking here.

Additionally, you will need to have atleast six months of active authority and valid insurance, $1 million for liability and $100k for cargo.

How do I reach after hours support?

You can reach Becker Logistics after hours support team by calling 630.529.0700 x 5350 or by sending an email to

See all of our contact information by clicking here.

What modes does Becker Logistics work with?

Becker Logistics works with all modes, everything from reefer to flatbed.  If it can move freight that we are involved in it.

To see more information, check out our services page.

I joined Becker Logistics carrier network, when can I start shipping?

As long all the information you provided is accurate and follows our requirements then you can start shipping today.

I have a question about my payment, who can I contact?

If you have any questions regarding your payment, invoice, or anything else money-related you can reach out to our accounting department at

What should I do if I have a claim or a question about a claim?

If you have any questions about claims you  should reach out to

Where should I send my paperwork?

We ask that carriers send us a signed BOL, any receipts (ex: lumper, restack, etc), and any other paperwork associated with the load as soon as it is delivered.
Additionally, drivers can upload their paperwork through the TruckerTools app. If TruckerTools is unavailable, please email paperwork to and your dedicated CSR representative.