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Social Promise

What is the Becker Logistics Social Promise?

The Becker Logistics social promise is to donate $1 for every shipment that we move to help those in need. Our social promise went into effect in 2020 and since then has made a tremendous impact on our local communities. After our most recent round of donations, we have been able to donate over $145,000.

How it Started

The social promise came about when Becker Logistics CEO and Founder, Jim Becker, had a conversation with a family member who had been helping the homeless get the necessities that they need. This was during the height of COVID so many public areas that the homeless relied on were now closed. Jim decided that he could help to make and impact and formed the Humanity for the Homeless project. The goal of this project was to provide long term solutions to those in need.

Donation through a social promise

Organizational Impact

Having a purpose for each transaction has been great for the entire team at Becker Logistics. Throughout the years we have always enjoyed the occasional charity drive or fundraiser but having this promise in place has given a long term purpose, something that each employee can be motivated by each day.

2022’s Cause

Through 2022, Becker Logistics is starting a new partnership with Bridge Communities to help families in need. They provide free transitional housing to more than 100 homeless DuPage County families each year. During the two years each family spends in our program, they are able to save money, learn budgeting skills, and obtain better employment, so they can live self-sufficiently once they graduate.

Additionally, we are once again partnering with Humanity for the Homeless to help the homeless in the St. Charles, IL area with the help of the Bakers Memorial Church. Since we started this project Bakers Memorial Church has been able to help tremendously by offering food, necessities, and both short-term and long-term housing to those in need.

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    How can you Contribute?

    If you’re in the Chicagoland area and want to contribute to Bridge Communities and/or Bakers Memorial Church, we can help connect you to them. Fill out the form and contact us today!