A Top 3PL Company Across all Industries

At Becker Logistics we work hard to be a top 3PL company across all industries. No matter what your freight is we have the capacity to ensure it is delivered on-time and with great quality. This ability has come from our 22 years of operation experience where we have developed the technologies and skills to ensure our customers success. Our team is full of experts eager to ensure that your logistics experience goes smoothly.
Also, we have a customer promise to always deliver the best service each and every time. At Becker Logistics, we take logistics seriously and pride ourselves on being the best we can be. By providing the best customer service, quality and flexibility we are able to offer a top 3pl experience to our customers and partners.

At Becker Logistics we partner with our customers. By building a partnership we ensure that we grow side by side and build a mutually beneficial relationship, we want to grow your business with ours. Also, we do this because it leads to better service and more open communication. Lastly, we are able to use our data analytic methods to ensure that all problems are addressed before they even become problems. It is these partnerships that allow us to be one of the top 3pl companies so you should partner with us today.

What makes Becker Logistics a top 3PL

On-time shipping to ensure the best service


Each and every time

Quality, multiple touch points


Multiple touchpoints.


Stay informed

Flexibility for the best service


We fit your needs

Data Analytics to ensure success


Data driven decisions

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