Construction Material Shipping

The transportation of construction materials includes shipping doors, windows, hardware and insulation. Therefore, timing is very important with this kind of freight.  This is due to the fact that you cannot go to the next step of building without finishing the one you’re on. Additionally, there is a degree of seasonality when shipping building products. For instance, once the snow starts to melt and the temperature starts to rise there is going to be more construction going on.  In short, this results in more building products being shipped. A variety of modes of transportation are used within the shipping of construction freight and they vary depending on where the shipment is ending up.

Construction Material Shipping Includes the Following:

  • Floor tile shipping
  • Shipping Roof shingle
  • Insulation shipping
  • Cement shipping
  • Lastly, Ensuring a quality and on time delivery
Construction work laying bricks and stone

How Becker Logistics handles the transportation of construction materials

Becker Logistics has plenty of experience with shipping building products and provides the best service through several means.  Firstly, we partner with the best carriers to ensure that your freight is delivered on time and in good quality. Additionally, our robust carrier network gives us the required capacity to ensure all your freight is managed and delivered on time.

At Becker Logistics we take construction material shipping very seriously and want to ensure the success of you and all of our customers. Other benefits offered by Becker Logistics are listed below:

  • Track and Trace Technology
  • A dedicated team of account managers that work for you
  • An expansive network of carriers

Modes that work in Construction Material Shipping:

Dry Van


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