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“Success isn’t about how much money you make.  It’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.”  -Michelle Obama

Benefits of partnering with Becker Logistics

Becker Logistics is More than Just a Freight Broker

Our services go beyond other 3PL providers and give you a competitive advantage within your industry -- resulting in more efficient shipping, more profitable, and happier clientele. Becker Logistics has been shipping freight for over 20 years. When you work with us you work alongside skilled professionals in the industry; many have over 20 years of supply chain experience. We also look for Innovation from college BA’s & MBA’s to help direct our company to the future.

High Tech and Hands-On

To give our customers every advantage possible in the marketplace we utilize advanced technological software that not only allows us to provide a larger capacity to handle freight than logistics companies; it also tracks down the lowest rates.

You always have peace of mind knowing that your freight is being handled with the very best care and skill at the most affordable rate. Paying our carriers on time allows us to build up strong communication and provide contractual pricing that will put money back in your pocket. Even if you have an in-house operations department, Becker Logistics will work with your staff to secure the most efficient means of shipping your freight.

Saving Time and Money

Say goodbye to the hassle of collecting multiple invoices and paying hundreds of freight bills. We provide standard rates on-time deliveries combined with our top-notch service all for a contractual agreement and all with only a single monthly payment. This type of program helps reduce a company’s annual freight spending anywhere between 5-15%.

Don’t waste, invest in Becker’s GO 3PL Program and you will save time and man-power. Go 3PL and go with the best!