Lawn and Garden Shipping

Shipping lawn and garden freight is unique due to the specialty equipment that is needed to make the delivery. This means that it is not uncommon for the deliveries to be made to a location with no loading dock.  These deliveries require some additional expertise and sometimes special trailers are required to make a quality delivery. Additionally, on-time shipping is very important to avoid delays within projects so it is beneficial to use a logistics broker that knows what they are doing.

What is included in lawn and garden logistics?

  • Sand shipping
  • Shipping dirt
  • Gravel shipments
  • Shipping mulch
Woman watering fresh shipped dirt and plants

Why Becker Logistics is a Top Logistics Company in the Lawn and Garden Industry

Becker Logistics has experience within the lawn and garden transportation industry. This experience has partnered us with trusted carriers that we know can handle any kind of freight that is thrown their way. No matter what needs to be delivered we can take care of it. Becker Logistics offers an exceptional logistics management service to you by offering the following:

  • Having a wide array of carriers we partner with
  • Over 22 years of experience in the industry
  • Offering freight quotes that fit your budget

Modes that Ship Lawn and Garden:


Dry Van

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