Plastic Shipping

The plastics industry is unique in the fact that it is quite easy to ship due to it being a clean material, easy to move and load/unload, and the scheduling is typically consistent. Plastics are usually transported in dry vans but occasionally a refrigerated trailer, or reefer, will be required. Additionally, plastics sometimes require just-in-time shipping (JIT) so, it is important to ensure on-time delivery with plastics freight.

What is included in plastics logistics?

  • Transporting plastic pellets
  • Shipping recycled plastic
  • Lastly, associates that work for your interests
Warehouse of plastic ready to be shipped

How Becker Logistics Succeeds in Shipping Plastics:

Becker Logistics is very familiar with transporting plastic freight; we offer the capacity to ensure your freight will be moved at a fair cost and the quality to ensure it will arrive on time. We also use only the best carriers so you can ensure that your product will be handled well and shipped in a clean trailer with no contamination. Some key benefits Becker Logistics offers to ensure your plastic freight is delivered without hitch is:

  • Expansive network of carriers who work with plastic
  • Track and trace capabilities
  • Over 22 years of experience in the industry
  • Outstanding on-time performance history
  • Dependable team of account managers to help you

Modes that Work in Plastic Logistics:

Dry Van


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