Steel and Metal Shipping

The shipping and transportation of steel and metal is unique due to the sheer amount of product variations that fall into the category. Steel and metal freight is always on the road and being transported, it is a very common raw material used in many applications. Steel comes in many shapes and sizes that all need to be shipped, whether it be steel rolls, walls, fabricated machined steel, or giant I beams.

Common Issues in Steel and Metal Logistics

  • Additional packaging is required
  • Max weight shipments
  • Difficult pickups and deliveries
  • Ensuring a quality shipment
Steel beam being worked on in a warehouse

How Becker Logistics works with steel and metal freight

Becker Logistics is unique when it comes to the shipping of metal and steel freight, we have the flexibility and capacity required to ensure that your freight is managed and delivered on time. We have a large carrier network that can cover all faucets and modes, whether that be pallet on a dry van, bulk on a flatbed, or imported in a container, Becker Logistics will be able to handle your steel and metal freight. Other benefits offered by Becker Logistics are listed below:

  • Over 22 years of experience in the industry
  • An unmatched level of quality logistic services
  • A diverse carrier network

Modes that Ship Steel and Metal:

Dry Van


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