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"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." -Gandhi



Becker Logistics different services

More than any other freight shipping and transportation management company in the market today we keep you in mind. Our employees keep your supply chain moving with a variety of specialized intermodal services and technology that makes tracking your shipments simple. With our easy website portal, you can track and trace your shipments online and monitor your freight to its destination. Becker Logistics offers a full range of freight services. We make it easy for you by tapping into our dependable, quality network of trucking and rail carriers across the United States. Becker Logistics will arrange the operations, shipping, tracking, and more, all at rates that typically beat our competitors. We work with you, rather than over-or-under-utilized services, so that you won’t have to pay enormous prices for services that you don’t need. We complete this while keeping performance and service at its highest standards.

What is my Transportation Plan?

Becker Logistics’ has deep knowledge of the industry, allowing us to not only offer freight services but also act as consultants as well. While our management team works collaboratively with many of our customers to create long-term goals we help you determine what needs to change in order to save your company more money over time.

How am I going to execute my Transportation Plan?

Many of our clients have an idea of what their transportation needs are. We focus on maximizing those needs by providing the right technology and resources. We offer a variety of supply-chain management solutions including: integrated warehousing, inventory management, and the transportation of your freight. Our cloud software is advanced enough to handle your most difficult shipments. Customers can even utilize our self-service tools on our website and monitor their shipments. If your supply chain requires more advanced services, Becker Logistics can scale and customize our services to your needs, even when market conditions change quickly.

How to Measure my Plan?

Becker Logistics’ top-notch software provides tools to maintain your savings and transportation performances. In order to verify that you are retaining the maximum amount of savings, we monitor the summaries of your previous shipping history. Likewise, customers can use our website to monitor their account information alongside our employees. Becker Logistics also works with our customers to create custom solutions based on their unique shipping needs by mixing-and-matching services and saving you money.

Performance improvement?

With our software tools and experienced supply chain management team we have the capability to improve your shipping and transportation performance. We do this by identifying the most efficient carriers and equipment in order to minimize the amount you’re spending on shipping freight. We even match our services to our customers’ needs, so our experienced management team can recognize opportunities to optimize your freight business and then proceed with the right course of action.