Food & Beverage Shipping

The food and beverage industry demands a food shipping company that is both high quality and on time.  As a result, failing to meet either of these measures can lead to an entire shipment going to waste. Reefer trailers are commonly used in the industry to keep the freight at the right temperature and prevent spoilage but there is plenty of food shipping that does not need to be temperature controlled.

What is Included in Food & Beverage Logistics?

  • Frozen Food Shipping
  • Nonperishable and perishable food shipping
  • Heated food shipping
  • Track and Trace Technology
Freshly shipped food platter

Why Becker Logistics is the food logistics company for you

Becker Logistics knows food delivery and food logistics management, we strongly push for farm to fork to reduce food waste. Food grade products make up a large portion of the shipments that we handle so, we know how to make it work and understand the importance of your freight. With our proven carrier network, Becker Logistics can ensure an on time and safe delivery of your food freight. We have a couple of benefits to ensure this promise.

  • Large Carrier network with food grade dry van and reefer trailers
  • Experience and Expertise
  • Personal Point of Contact
  • USDA, FDA and DOT policies enforced for food-grade freight

Modes that Ship for Food Shipping Companies:


Dry Van

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