Importance of a flexible 3PL solution

Excellent 3PL solutions require flexible services that can adjust to the needs of you, the customer. This flexibility is possible by having the freight capacity to resolve any issue that comes up, no matter what it is.  Additionally, a breadth of services is needed to be flexible. By having a wide carrier network 3PLs are able to not just offer every service but have multiple backups for each service.  If you are looking for the right 3PL partner then you should look for their flexibility, the ability and determination to bend to the needs of you and your company.

Fleet of trucks to provide a flexible 3PL solution

How Becker Logistics provides a flexible 3PL solution

Becker Logistics has the freight capacity and systems in place to provide a flexible service to our customers. Our systems are able to scale to your needs so they are continuously met as your business grows. Additionally, we offer a wide range of services to all of our customers, whether it be an expedited shipment or a white-glove service, we are here to help you.  Becker Logistics is more than another 3PL solution, we are a 3PL partner who is here to help solve any and all of your supply chain needs.

Implementing Innovation

Innovation is not possible without flexibility within your organization and the organization of your partners.  If everyone is rigid and unable to adjust to change, then nothing new is ever going to occur, you’ll just be doing the same work you were doing 10 years ago.  When you come up with something truly innovative, it is extremely helpful to have a flexible company that can move priorities and tasks to take on this new priority and provide the 3PL solution that you need.

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