Becker Logistics Celebrating 23 Years of Business

Becker Logistics is thrilled to turn 23 years old on May 16, 2020. Through our 23 years of dedication to our customers, carriers, and employees, we continue to deliver with integrity and purpose every time. Innovation drives us. With 51% of small businesses being 10 years old or less, Becker Logistics has surpassed many barriers at the age of 23 years old.  

There are many people to celebrate who have been involved with the growth of Becker Logistics and have brought us to our 23rd year in business.

Thank you to all of the carriers that we have partnered with over the years who always go the extra mile with us. Through our continued partnerships and commitment, we will continue to go those extra miles with you. Additionally, we would like to thank our customers who have partnered and believed in us since day 1, as well as all of our partners that help us run our operations so that we can offer the best 3PL service possible.

Last but not least, we want to thank our employees, both current and past, who have made Becker Logistics what it is today – a leading 3PL. For every employee that has brought their “A-game” each and every day and built the business relations that have led to success, we appreciate all that you do. You have helped us attain so many milestones, like ranking #1596 on the Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies in 2019. Thank you.

Past, present, and future

In the past couple of years, Becker Logistics has seen tremendous growth, with increases in revenue and new teams being developed. With all of our partners in mind, we have put these profits back into the company as a way for us to grow and improve. With our passion for innovation and communication, when we eventually hit 24, 30, and even 50 years, we will continue to offer the services that our customers and carriers can’t get anywhere else.

Now in 2020, we have faced many hurdles so far. Like most companies during this time, COVID-19 has put up many barriers, but we are determined to push through it and come out on top by striving to be the best in the transportation and supply chain sector. When consumer needs change and the world drastically shifts, Becker Logistics adapts. The Becker team is still young and kicking, but mature and knowledgeable enough to handle all your freight requests. If you are interested in seeing if we are able to help you with your transportation you can reach out to us or simply request a freight quote.

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