November Transportation News Update

Trade Battles with China Could Damage 1.47 Million U.S. Jobs

There is more than $186 billion in U.S. economic activity being threatened due to the tariffs against China and the ones imposed on the U.S. by Beijing. When it comes down to it, there are going to be less jobs when there is less cargo. The states moat at risk for the tariffs are Minnesota, Colorado, Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri, Illinois, Arizona, Michigan, California and Texas. To read more about the trade battles, click here.

Blockchain Useful in the Food Supply Chain

Food safety is top priority and a lack of visibility and traceability can be dangerous for shippers and carriers. Blockchain technology will provide the capability to inform where the food came from and traveled to. This will reduce the risk of contamination and illness. Using blockchain means the data is immutable eliminating risk fir changes or fraud. To learn more about the benefits of using blockchain, click here.

Trucking Must Contemplate Alternative Energy

It is estimated that the energy required in the transportation could increase by 70% if no changes are made. Studies are being done to predict what could be done to prevent such an increase. An example includes having all highway trucks achieve a 1% fuel economy improvement and that would be equivalent to removing 23,000 trucks from the road. Many solutions are needed to help meet the rising need for energy. To learn more about alternative energy, click here.

5 Coming Regulations That Threaten Trucking

There are a handful of new regulations that are coming and are going to have an impact on the trucking industry. These regulations include AOBRD to ELD switchover may reduce productivity, IMO 2020 could cause a spike in diesel prices, drug and alcohol clearinghouse will weed out drivers, new overtime laws will lead to higher labor costs and new California law limits independent contractors. To read more about the coming regulations, click here.

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