3 Ways to Benefit From a Drop Trailer Program

Loading and unloading can be a huge bottleneck in the world of shipping. Shippers and warehouses are always looking for better efficiencies to keep the supply chain in motion. One such way is to utilize a drop trailer program.

With drop trailers, carriers can just come in, pick up the pre-loaded trailer and head out. Then, for delivery, they just have to arrive and drop off the trailer without having to wait. This gives the carriers the ability to get in and out quickly so they can get on with their business.

Drop trailer programs are best used when there is a consistent level of freight moving in and out. Once implemented, the warehouse should be able to better manage its priorities.

Now that we have identified the what and why of a drop trailer program let’s go over how they can benefit you.

1. Reduced Shipping Costs

Drop trailer programs can reduce shipping costs in a variety of ways. First and foremost is a reduction in detention fees accrued. Additionally, it can be easier to hit the must-arrive-by-date, meaning that there will be no additional fees there. Lastly, partnerships are usually developed in order to have a proper drop trailer program. These partnerships always result in lower shipping costs and means that a price can get locked down.

2. More Flexibility for everyone

Using drop trailers provide flexibility for EVERYONE in the shipping process, the shipper, carrier, and 3PL shipping provider. For shippers not using drop trailers, once a shipment comes in they have to make sure they are there and ready to unload the trailer immediately and get it on its way. Whereas, with a drop trailer program the warehouse works can prioritize their tasks and get to the trailer when needed.

Drop trailer programs are great for the carriers because they can spend less of their time waiting and more out on the road. This means more money and business for them and a better relationship for you.

Warehouse worker with drop trailer program

3. Increase service

Drop trailers allow shippers to better maintain their warehouses which leads to better service overall. Instead of being bogged down with a sudden delivery, they can focus on what they need to. As for the carriers, drop trailer programs keep the supply chain moving.  If a driver is stuck waiting to pick up or unload a shipment then the chain stops. Additionally, that waiting cuts into their 11 hours so future services are impacted as well.

When does a Drop Trailer Program NOT work?

So far, it seems like a drop trailer program is the best way to handle all shipping. I mean why would you not use it? Well, one reason is when the shipment is very perishable. There are some goods that simply cannot be left outside to wait. This also applies to time-sensitive shipments, it wouldn’t make much sense to have an expedited drop trailer. Another is if you don’t have the extra space. A drop trailers requires extra space to allow the drivers to navigate in and then store the trailers.

When to Start Using Drop Shipping

If you are finding yourself with constant pressure on your dock with drivers waiting to unload and load then it is worth looking a bit more into a drop trailer program. And why not check out and see if Becker Logistics can help you develop this program? Our associates work on drop trailer shipments every day and can work to ensure that your drop trailer program is set up with quality and reliability.

To find out more you can either contact us or request a quote.

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