Becker Logistics Mission to be one of the top 3PL companies in the U.S.

Last year in 2019, Becker Logistics was placed on Transport Topics coveted list of Top Freight Brokers as a result of our 2018 numbers. This was done through the hard work of the Becker team, resulting in a large amount of freight being shipped throughout 2018 and new partnerships created. Our gross revenue for 2018 was $80.5 million while our net revenue was at $13.2 million with a gross profit of 16.4%. With our momentum of success the past several years, this resulted in internal growth, external growth, and acquisition of Savage Logistics in November 2017. These expansions allowed us to offer new services and add on new offices, including Chicago and a new office in Duluth, GA. Overall, we were excited to be one of the top 3PL companies with so much room to grow.

A look back at 2019

2019 was a challenging year for the freight industry, but it provided an opportunity to learn and grow our load volume. There were many signs leading up to the 2019 freight recession that had to be acted on in order to stay in the game. Becker Logistics navigated through the storm by continuing to build partnerships, offering a reliable service, and elevating above the competition every chance that arose. In the end, we made it through and have been requested to submit our information with hopes of staying on Transport Topics list of Top Logistics Brokers for 2019. While 2019 may have been tough, we still triumphed, closing our gross revenue for 2019 at $76.4 million with a net revenue of $12.2 million and a gross profit of 16%.

Talking to an expert

Becker Logistics COO John Sabatino has worked diligently throughout the year and has supported the business by leading the operations team to many successes.  When asked about 2019, this is what he has to say, “There’s no doubt that 2019 and the freight recession hit us hard in the last two quarters, but the team pulled together to end strong.”

With the wave of another freight recession building throughout 2019 and finally crashing down in the last 2 quarters of the year, everyone in the logistics industry felt the shockwaves that followed.

“You can’t fight the recession, just prepare and work through it as best you can. Being in the business for 23 years, we’ve developed some resistance and timing that has allowed us to plan better and work smarter. Kudos to the Becker Team for weathering through it.”

Our aim to pursue a position as one of the top 3PL companies

With 2019 behind us, we look to the coming decade as a starting point for new ideas, growth, and a pathway to earning a closer spot to the top. It’s a tall mountain to climb, but one thing we will not falter on is the level of service we provide to our partners and the integrity that we impart to every shipment.

Becker Employees

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