Do You Have A Plan For Your 2022 Shipping And Logistics?

The world of shipping and logistics has been very eventful for the past couple of years. Due to the pandemic and other factors, there has been immense pressure put on the supply chain. For many companies, and even industries, the supply chain has broken in places. However, some solutions have been found and many have been able to adapt.

What about the future though? Shipping and logistics in 2022 looks like it might just be a repeat or continuation of the same troubles we have been seeing. While no one can say with 100% certainty, there are some strong predictions on where the industry will go. With these predictions, you can make a plan, some framework that will help bring you and your company success. But before we get into the planning let’s examine some of the predictions that have been laid out.

Predictions for Shipping and Logistics In 2022

More Driver Shortages

Back in October of 2021, the American Trucking Associations revealed that there was a truck driver shortage of 80,000 and it was expected to grow until at least 2030. There are many factors that are causing this gap. One is, of course, pay however, even with pay going up there is still a gap between the supply and demand of workers. The industry is trying to find ways to appeal to younger workers, female workers, and minority workers but they are having issues.

International Shipping will Continue to be a Problem

It’s not just a shortage of drivers that is causing issues in the supply chain. There is also a shortage of dockworkers, containers, and warehousing. These combined have caused an astronomical increase in the pricing of shipping overseas. Shippers have been trying to absorb these costs as well as they can but there’s only so much they can take on. In addition to the extra costs, there is the extra time. Dock congestion has been a huge issue that has no real end in sight.

Industry Consolidation

Through 2021, deal value for transportation and logistics companies rose 84% while volume increased 11%. The value mainly came from the rail and air sectors. Volume, on the other hand, came from the vehicle and trucking sectors. The reason for this growth is that companies have helped solve the problems mentioned in the two sections above. As a result, there has been a good amount of near-shoring going on to allow for more control and visibility.

Additionally, the industry is starting to rely much more on technology. Costly technology. This raises the barriers of entry and makes current companies that cannot afford the tech ripe for an acquisition.

Making A Plan for 2022

So, it looks like there are going to be some more hurdles in 2022 for shipping and logistics. How can this be planned for? The best way is by building strong partnerships. Whether you are a shipper, carrier, or logistics company, strong partnerships will help you through these tough times.

It is important to have someone that you can count on, especially when times are tough. We have previously written blogs on how to find and partner with the right 3PL. So, make sure you are putting these measures into place and you will be able to have a great 2022, at least when it comes to your shipping.

At Becker Logistics we aim to make shipping simple for all of our partners. This means working to resolve any issue that comes up. We aim to bring integrity to every shipment we move so that operations can continue uninterrupted. To find out more information, feel free to reach out to us. Additionally, you can request a quote and get started immediately.

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