How Food and Beverage Shipping can be Improved with a 3PL

Every industry has its own unique shipping challenges. Some are avoidable and some are inevitable. The nature of food and beverage shipping involves several factors within an elaborate process. The best way to handle these complexities is for companies to consider partnering with a third-party logistics provider or a 3PL. Finding the best partner needs some research and complete knowledge of your supply chain needs. It is important to understand the diverse ways in which a 3PL can improve your food and beverage logistical needs. 

Strategic Packaging and Storage 

Having a reliable 3PL to present packaging solutions can be particularly useful in the food and beverage industry. You can utilize a packaging strategy designed for your degradable products, which ensures their safety. A skillful 3PL would be experienced enough to protect temperature-sensitive products to avoid spoilage. You might require a simplified packaging process that allows you to focus on the bigger picture of your organization. 

The operations require flexibility since seasons play a key role in the food and beverage shipping processes. There could be an obligation to store products for a prolonged period. 3PLs can make sure the facilities have the correct amenities for your products. On the other hand, they can coordinate after-hour shipments when required for your customers. Also, the ideal 3PL should have access to convenient storage locations. This can increase productivity because you need to deliver products quickly.  

Manage Food and Beverage Shipping

A well-organized third-party logistics partner is constantly improving their transportation management systems. A 3PL partner can find you the best form of transportation and the appropriate trucks to carry the freight. Food and beverage shipping must be monitored at all times due to temperature-sensitive and time-sensitive products. Improved food transportation management can involve access to real-time visibility and reporting, which will keep deliveries on time and cost-effective. 

In addition, there are time-consuming tasks in food and beverage transportation that take care of by 3PL partners. Food safety regulations require them to fill out a large amount of paperwork because of the food safety regulations. However, you can trust that a 3PL is equipped with resources to manage the transportation aspect around the clock and will not cut corners.  

Constant communication between manufacturers and the shipping team would be ideal to handle the complexity of distribution. Although most distributors have a very small window for deliveries, a 3PL can help alleviate stress. They can help manage the traffic of incoming shipments and work around strict timelines. A seasoned 3PL can track your shipment and ensure on-time delivery. Freight experts at a quality 3PL know the expectations to verify hours of operations and execute proper coordination.  

Truck driving past farm for food and beverage shipment

Improve Consolidation and Transportation  

You want to make sure that the best routes are at the forefront when shipping food and beverages. The technology that 3PLs house can find the best route for what your organization is shipping, ensuring that your deliveries are on time and within budget. This kind of supply chain network optimization is what will ensure that your goods will get to their location quickly without spending too much time on the road, outside of stable and ideal conditions. 

A good 3PL works with you to consolidate shipments, either within your organization or with another company with complementary shipments. Consolidating shipments, tuning timelines, and occasionally re-routing shipments can avoid excessive movement. At the end of the day, food and beverage shipping requires optimal delivery times at a low cost. A 3PL operates each step of the supply chain that can reduce handoffs between providers and different temp-monitoring systems.

No matter if your product requires chilled, frozen, or someplace in between, Becker Logistics can manage meeting a precise pickup and delivery schedule to keep your company operating efficiently and products moving. If you are looking for a 3PL with a vast network in North America that has the capabilities of maintaining the customer-centric approach. To learn more about Becker Logistics and our offerings you can contact us by clicking here. Additionally, if you want to start moving freight with us immediately then you can click here and request a freight quote

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