National Truck Driver Appreciation Week: Thank You to All of the Carriers!

This week, September 13–19, is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. Becker Logistics would like to express our gratitude to each and every one of the 3.5 million truck drivers out there.  Each one of you plays a vital role in the supply chain. You are keeping the world spinning by bringing us the products that we use every day. We are thankful for all of the hours and dedication that you put in and for keeping the highways safe.

This year has been especially tough for all truck drivers due to the COVID pandemic making a huge impact on all businesses. Luckily trucker drivers everywhere were able to keep on driving and delivering all of the essential items that were needed, and toilet paper. The COVID impact is still in play for many companies and we hope that as things continue to return to normal that trucker drivers are able to make a return to their normal routines and their normal lanes.

At Becker Logistics, we try to thank truck drivers each and every day through our actions and benefits we offer. Carriers partnered with Becker Logistics receive many benefits, everything from quick pay options to around the clock support and technology, to make operations run smoothly. However, the biggest way we thank truck drivers is by maintaining our integrity with each and every load delivered. This means keeping drivers informed and up-to-date on all information as we receive it, even the bad news. By acting with integrity we build partnerships with drivers so that we can continue to work with them each and every day to provide constant business on their favorite lanes.

If you are a carrier and would like to sign on as a carrier for Becker Logistics then you can do so by filling out a form here and we will start passing loads on your way. Additionally, if you just want to reach out you can do so by clicking here.

Once again, thank you to all of the truck drivers out there.

-The Becker Logistics team

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