October Transportation News Update

Advising Truckers To Watch For Spotted Lanternfly

The spotted lanternfly is an invasive insect from China threatening billions of dollars in crop losses. The insect was first spotted in Pennsylvania and has spread to New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, and Virginia. The bug feeds off of 70 different kinds of trees and plants, such as crops of apples and walnuts. Truck drivers who do business in the areas that are under quarantine have a big effect on the spread of the bug. It is becoming such an issues that most truck drivers have to display a permit stating they have received training on how to prevent the bug from spreading more. To read more about the spotted lanternfly watch, click here.

China Reaches Phase One Trade Deal With U.S.

On October 11th, the U.S. and China came to an agreement on the outlines of a partial trade accord. The deal will increase the purchases of the U.S. agricultural commodities as well as a few other things. In exchange for this, the U.S. will delay a tariff increase, but the new levies coming in December still remain. The trade war has been going on for 18 months and this marks the biggest breakthrough so far. To read more about the tariff war, click here.

Harvest Delays Causing Diesel Price Drop

Diesel prices have hit a three-year seasonal low as another round of delays begin due to weather conditions. The polar vortex and extreme flooding have been two major factors contributing to this. Typically harvest season runs from late September through November, but it has already been pushed back by a month this fall. To read more about the diesel drop and harvest delays, click here.

Considering Mirrorless Trucks

The NHTSA is considering cameras as a replacement for rear view and side view cameras. A 60-day comment period is scheduled to gather information and date on the camera monitoring system. The camera system would completely replace rear view mirrors on trucks as a whole. It is in question if the cameras will provide the same level of safety as the rear view mirrors. To read more about mirrorless trucks, click here.

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