Becker Logisitcs Blog cover photo Starting Your Career in Logistics

Starting Your Career in Logistics

With the transportation industry rapidly growing, careers in logistics are becoming increasingly desirable due to the fast-paced nature of the job coupled with the opportunities for growth within the industry. Today, we sit down with Becker Logistics’ recruiter Jessica Olenick to discuss the qualifications, recommended experiences, and tips for entering the logistics industry.

When applying for jobs within logistics, Jessica recommends majors including Supply Chain, Business, Marketing, Logistics, Communication, and Sales (if offered). However, beyond the specific degree earned, a career in logistics is focused on experiences and a specific skillset. The key skills and personality traits Jessica looks for are a hunger to work, a willingness to learn, being open to challenges and new experiences, having an outgoing personality, and being personable. Possessing these traits provides a foundation for opportunity and growth within the industry and sets you up for a successful career.

At Becker Logistics, growth opportunities exist for those who want them, making a desire for success important above all. Furthermore, opportunities within logistics exist for people of all levels and backgrounds. Becker Logistics offers many positions, ranging from Carrier Sales Representative, Account Manager, Load Planner, etc. to cater to any type of individual.

We pride ourselves on being different than the competition, by providing our employees with a warm and inviting group of people, who value our interpersonal relationships, having a work-life balance, and engaging in social events to increase company involvement. If you ask anyone here, they’ll tell you that they love the culture and the people they surround themselves with day in and day out.

Curious about a career in logistics and a career with Becker? Check out our careers page at and find the opportunity that best matches you and your professional needs. When in doubt, ask questions, be curious, and put yourself out there!

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