What Makes Paper and Packaging Logistics Unique?

Paper and packaging logistics is involved in practically every other industry. Most items are going to be shipped in a cardboard box, have some kind of paper labels, or use paper in SOME way. Because of this, paper makes up a significant amount of the supply chain. In 2018 alone, there were 41 million tons of paper and paperboard containers created. All of this paper and packaging leads to some unique factors in the supply chain.

Paper and packaging logistics is unique because of three factors: the ever-growing demand, the large emphasis on time, and the variety of products.

Growing Demand

Paper and packaging production has been on a pretty steady rise for the past 10 years. As was mentioned before, paper and packing logistics is used in practically every other industry. It is also an area that many are going to want to save money on, try to get the absolute best deal they can. This has put a lot of pressure on paper manufactures to cut costs everywhere they can, which includes shipping and logistics. As a result, price is going to be the main point talked about.

Paper and Packaging Logistics delivery of goods

Emphasis on Time

With paper typically being more of a raw material rather than a finished good, time is of the essence. Most times, paper and packaging logistics is going to operate on a just-in-time system (JIT). This is where a product or resource is used the second it arrives which cuts down in the need for warehouse space. This means that any delay in the paper and packaging shipment will have multiple ripple effects.

With this emphasis on time comes a need for more visibility as well. Visibility is constantly growing and improving in the world of logistics through the introduction of new technologies. Paper and packaging logistics tend to stay at the forefront so that every system can run efficiently and smoothly.

Variety of product

The last unique factor in paper and packaging logistics is the sheer variety of product that falls into the category. In the paper and packaging industry you have: tissues, cardboard, cups, recyclable paper, newsprint, giant paper rolls, and much more.

Some of these are going to be more delicate than others. For example, paper that is going off to be recycled doesn’t need anything fancy. Really, it just needs to get from point A to point B. Finished goods, such as tissue of cups, on the other hand, can be quite delicate and need to be shipped with quality and care.

Paper and Packing Logistics with Becker Logistics

At Becker Logistics, paper and packaging logistics is one of our main areas of focus. We have teams, carriers, and processes dedicated to ensuring that your paper products are shipped reliably on time and with quality. To see if Becker Logistics is the right shipping partner for you, feel free to reach out and contact us. Or, to get started immediately, click here to request a quote.

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