Becker Logistics Blog Young Supply Chain Professionals: Casie McClearen

Young Supply Chain Professionals: Casie McClearen

Join us in congratulating Casie McClearen, one of our Account Managers in our St. Louis, Missouri office on being chosen as the Director of Development on the board of the Young Supply Chain Professionals of St. Louis! Young Supply Chain Professionals, or YSCP, is an organization sponsored by the Transportation Club of St. Louis. The goal of the organization is to connect individuals with similar interests within similar industries, provide networking opportunities, and giving back to the surrounding community. The organization has both professional and philanthropic goals, with events ranging from outings to large fundraisers benefitting local charities.

The Board of the YSCP St. Louis has 6 members, and Casie is the new Director of Development, as of July 17, 2019. The board is re-elected every year, and Casie’s determination, commitment to the logistics industry and past experiences gave her all the tools necessary to earn the position. Her responsibilities in the position include handling many of the philanthropic events such as contacting charities, organizing events, determining event locations, etc. The YSCP rotates 3-4 charities every month, and to Casie, being able to help these organizations and see the impact of her work on the communities around her is the best part of the YSCP, and her role throughout the processes allow her to truly see the difference she is making.

Young Supply Chain Professionals is entirely free, and its members are comprised of past board members, individuals that work in logistics/related fields and anyone interested in the supply chain. While the networking opportunities are unmatched, Casie is thankful to have met amazing people and have made genuine friendships through her involvement with the YSCP.

Thank you Casie for all that you do for Becker Logistics and congratulations on this accomplishment! We cannot wait to see what you’ll do in your position! To read more about the YSCP, visit their website:

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