2 Year Anniversary of Savage Logistics Acquisition

Two years after Becker Logistics acquisition of Savage Logistics

Sunday, November 17, 2019 is the two-year anniversary of Becker Logistics acquisition of Savage Logistics. This day two years ago, marked the beginning of Becker Logistics’ transformation into what we are now, which is one of the largest third-party logistics providers in the United States.  Additionally, the acquisition has brought our services to the next level so that we can provide the best supply chain solutions possible. Finally, the acquisition of Savage will continue to play a role in where we go in the future, whether that be from continuing to build the partnerships that came out of the acquisition or internal promotions of the employees that came over.

How this has impacted our partnerships with shippers:

Strategically, the acquisition was important because it expanded our operations and gave us more customers to partner with. Some of these customers were already working with us on a transaction basis, but with the acquisition we were able to move to the next level with them.  The customers gained from the acquisition covered all industries which allowed us to increase our offerings and demonstrate our services in a number of different ways. Click here, to see the industries that we currently specialize in. As a result, our operations grew very rapidly, especially in the western and southeast United States, as well as Canada.  We have actually opened an office in Toronto thanks to the increase in business, which you can read more about here.

How this has impacted our partnership with carriers

Additionally, the acquisition has brought on thousands of new carriers to work with, which allowed us to ensure a high quality service at a better price. Without this expansion to our carrier network, hundreds, if not thousands of opportunities would have been lost.  Additionally, we look forward to further partnering with these carriers to ensure that everyone is able to come out ahead while a fantastic service is being delivered.

How this has impacted our partnership with employees

It wasn’t just the customers and carriers that were so important from the acquisition, but the employees as well.  Many of the Savage employees that came over to Becker Logistics are still working here and make huge contributions to our success.  It has been their hard work and dedication that made the acquisition all worth it.

In conclusion, Becker Logistics looks forward to what the future may bring and all the opportunities we will have to grow and expand our business. Since the acquisition of Savage Logistics, our revenue has risen exceptionally, a trend that we plan to continue.

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